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Is there a limit on people enrolling for this program?
Is there a limit on people enrolling for this program?

This article explains our enrolment limits and how we control the size of our member base.

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In short, there is no limit for people enrolling in the program.

In practice, we limit it based on the ratio of students to support staff available. Based on our calculations, we have identified a specific ratio of high-level to low-level support staff per 1000 students. If we exceed this number, we will keep enrolments closed due to an expected drop in quality support, until this ratio is restored.

For example, if we normally open for 48 hours every 3 weeks, we may skip a cycle and keep it closed for 6 weeks (or more), while we train more staff.

To minimise disruptions, we aim to have at least 50% more support staff than needed at any time, to accommodate for a massive influx of new students at every enrolment window. In the background, we are hard at work constantly training new support staff very intensively. The average training time for a single academic coach is 300 hours, and so we are very proactive in training enough staff to support our growing member base.

Once an enrolment window is open, we will never close it early.

This means that if enrolments are open for 48 hours, it will not close before 48 hours and anyone who successfully signs up for the program will have access.

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