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How is the iCanStudy program structured?
How is the iCanStudy program structured?

What to expect when you navigate through an iCanStudy academic program.

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The iCanStudy academic program is divided like so:

  • High-Yield Phase - a broad selection of techniques that have a good immediate effect for a wide range of different problems. The learning curves are low so that you can get rapid improvements as soon as you start the program. The techniques here cover notetaking, in-class techniques, exam preparation, revision, scheduling, time management, procrastination, prioritisation, and more.

  • Growth Phase - a sequential training program that slowly develops high-efficiency encoding systems alongside facilitating growth mindset and more intermediate and advanced time management and prioritisation strategies. This phase is the most transformative, however it involves highly specific cognitive retraining, which makes it much slower to progress.

You can expect to spend 3 to 8 weeks in the high-yield phase and 4 to 6 months in the growth phase.

Each phase is divided into stages, then lessons, then sub-lessons. There are checkpoint quizzes intermittently and tasks after every major technique. The program is fundamentally designed to be used experientially, meaning it is created with lots of practice in mind.

For more clarification, please read our article on how much time you need to invest in the program.

While you progress through the program, you will receive the most benefit by engaging with our extensive support options:

  • Regular group coaching video sessions (live clinics)

  • Interactive Q&A throughout every lesson of the program

  • Peer feedback from senior members through the community server

  • Expert feedback submissions for an individualised video dissection of your work by an expert coach

  • Interactive worked examples using past students' work through our Spot the Issues challenges

To guide you through the program, you also have unlimited access to a mentor who is available to answer your questions and help you get the most out of your program.

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