At the time of writing this, our members are across the following ages:

  • 3% aged 8 to 15

  • 40% aged 16 to 23

  • 30% aged 24 to 31

  • 15% aged 32 to 39

  • 7% aged 40 to 47

  • 5% aged 48+

There is also a trend among new members to be in the older age groups. This may be because mature learners generally tend to value learning skills more highly than younger students.

There is no recommended maximum age for our course, however, we advise the following considerations:

  • While you can get noticeable results within the first month, the most impactful change will take approximately 6 to 8 months for younger learners (in high school or early university) or 4 to 6 months for more experienced learners.

  • Students who are under 16 years old are likely to require 8 to 14 months to see the same level of change.

Although the program is well suited for formal education, you do not need to be working through a formal educational curriculum to reap the benefits. Approximately 40% of all our members are professionals with no formal educational requirements or curriculums.

We have a significant number of professionals currently on the course finding success with their techniques. We also have additional modules for the learning requirements of professional settings and environments.

You can ask current members on our Discord community about their experience.

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