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How to cancel my membership
How to cancel my membership

Cancelling your membership is easy. Learn about what happens and how it works.

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You can cancel an active membership at any time by emailing support:

Once we receive your email, we'll help to organise the cancellation for you.

When you cancel, your automatic renewal will be cancelled, so you won't be charged again. However, you will continue to have the membership until the end of your billing period. For example, if you have two months remaining in your subscription, you will continue to have access for these two months until it is automatically canceled.

Note that once you cancel, you will lose all of your membership points which can be used for discounts on renewals. These points will be unrecoverable once you cancel.

If you wish to rejoin later, you will need to purchase again as a completely new customer (although if you use the same email address, your previous progress will still be saved).

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