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How can I apply to be a core member?
How can I apply to be a core member?

Being a iCanStudy core member takes dedication but comes with a lot of benefits. This article explains how to unlock core membership.

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Core members are learners in our community who give back by helping others.

As a core member, you will be part of an application-only group where you can receive priority support, mentoring, and networking opportunities with some of the brightest and most motivated minds in the world.

You work intimately with other core members and coaches to develop crucial professional and personal skills in addition to those in the program.

You are eligible to become an iCanStudy core member once you have completed the Ascent 3 modules.

Core member benefits

As a core member, you will receive all of the following benefits:

  • Priority support and feedback

  • Join our inner circle and gain early access and beta for new features and have your say in how our program and community develops

  • Take part in monthly mentorship and personal development meetings with coaches

  • Keep each other accountable with core member meetings held for your region/country

  • Receive exclusive core-member-only discounts when renewing your membership

  • Gain access to iCanStudy's direct international network of professionals, employers, and institutions

Core member responsibilities

The Core Membership Program is a significant investment from the iCanStudy team. If you are accepted for entry, you will be expected to engage with diligence and consistency. These responsibilities centre around helping and giving back to others in our community. The minimum level of investment required is less than 3 hours per week, with respect to the busy lives of our members. However, Core members are expected to maintain some consistent activity.

Recognition of this responsibility is one of the conditions for acceptance into the Core Membership Program.

How do I apply?

To apply to be a core member, please complete this application form.


This application does not guarantee acceptance into the iCanStudy Core Membership. The iCanStudy team may reject your application at their discretion.

Only members who have completed Ascent 3 are eligible to apply.

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