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How can I become an iCanStudy coach?
How can I become an iCanStudy coach?

Are you interested in becoming an official iCanStudy coach? This article explains who is eligible and how to apply.

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iCanStudy coaches are highly trained professionals that are able to give advice, feedback, and targeted guidance to learners about their learning system, technique fidelity, self-management skills, and growth mindset.

Both flexible part-time and contractual, or full-time positions are available, based on our capacity and needs.

Coaching levels

There are 3 levels of coaches:

  • Level 1: The most junior level. Level 1 coaches are expected to have an extremely high level of personal ability and skill with consistent competency with iCanStudy techniques and systems. They are trained to have highly consistent and accurate pattern recognition for the near 100 patterns of issues we have identified and isolated. Level 1 coaches give feedback on an ongoing basis to students in our community through a variety of methods.

  • Level 2: These coaches are expected to have a high level of accuracy and competency with answering nuanced and rarer problems, as well as a deeper level of theoretical knowledge that far exceeds the normal level taught to students. Level 2 coaches are expected to wield this knowledge at a first-principles level to dynamically formulate hypotheses on a very wide range of issues. These coaches are able to deliver some group workshops, webinars and events, as well as unsupervised 1-on-1 consultations. At this level, coaches have more responsibility for supervising and facilitating the training of level 1 coaches and therefore are expected to have the mentoring and facilitation skills necessary to achieve this.

  • Level 3: These coaches are masters in the domain and have a wealth of experience and knowledge that is world-class in both depth and fluency. They supervise the training for level 1 and 2 coaches, as well as hold large, high-value events and workshops around the world.

Training and eligibility

iCanStudy coaches are trained far beyond any industry norm.


To be eligible for application, candidates must have successfully finished the entire iCanStudy program* and passed the Beyond Summit Exam. After completing this, the option for coach application will be available from the Dashboard.


After applying, candidates will be screened based on an interview and technical skills assessment, including a rigorous 16-point personality, behaviour, and psychoemotional competence evaluation. The total interview and assessment process is approximately 2 hours.

Based on the assessment results, successful candidates will be accepted into the coach training program.

Training process

The training process is based on accuracy and fluency. Coaches are not formally given the title of level 1 coach until they are able to reach consistent levels of competence that are demonstrated through training.

Trainee coaches are put in supervised environments and gradually exposed to higher volumes of enquiries for an indefinite period of time. During this process, they will receive frequent teaching from other coaches.

All coaches receive a level of ongoing, regular evaluation and training until level 3.

Training time commitment

The training process does not require a full-time commitment and is flexible based on available work hours. New trainees can expect to receive evaluation and training at least on a weekly basis or more. This can be delayed and extended depending on availability.

For a learner who has passed the Beyond Summit Exam, it takes approximately 50 to 100 hours of additional training to become a level 1 coach. For those who enter through intensive incubation, it takes approximately 500-600 hours at a full-time pace.

The mastery of a level 2 coach is significantly greater than a level 1 coach and progression to level 2 is expected to involve an additional 1500 hours of experience and training.

Progression to level 3 is approximately an additional 5000 hours from level 2.

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