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Why do enrolments not stay open all the time?
Why do enrolments not stay open all the time?

Learn about our enrolment windows and why we don't accept students continuously, at all times of the year.

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Background understanding

To understand why we have enrolment windows, we first need to understand a unique aspect of the program.

Unlike most programs, the skills we teach require a very specific order and approach to learning. Communicating this purely through videos is difficult. One of the most common (if not the single most common) feedback that we receive about the first month of our program is that it is not what was expected.

Many people will begin the program expecting that they can rush through it and use only the videos. Unfortunately, some of the skills and techniques are so nuanced that without valid feedback and highly specific practice frameworks, making improvements with the videos alone is extremely difficult and massively time-consuming (to the extent of some single techniques taking years to master without proper guidance).

After years of experience and hundreds of micro-adjustments and experiments, we've identified a consistent approach to learning and practising that allows most people to improve their skills much faster and to a higher quality. This method is so novel that we are currently working to publish our approach in research journals.

Why enrolment windows?

To help members improve as quickly and smoothly as possible we have an entire system of increased support and guidance for members within their first month. The results from this program are so successful that members who do not engage with our guided program are approximately 9x more likely to use the techniques incorrectly.

Because of the extensive level of support in the first month, we need to know when new members are joining so that we can plan the support effectively.

Since not following the program is overwhelmingly more likely to result in a student being unable to correctly use the techniques, we do not allow students to join outside of enrolment windows. Even if you believe you do not need this support and only need the videos, our data from over a thousand top achievers strongly suggests otherwise. For reference, the unguided pilot version of this program in our earliest days had a less than 5% success rate and 0% of members were able to achieve technique competency in less than 3 months. With the guided program, we have a 60 to 70% technique competency rate within 4 weeks.

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