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Can I purchase just the videos?
Can I purchase just the videos?

Don't feel like you need coaching or any support and feedback? Just want to sign up for the videos? This is not currently supported.

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In our evaluations so far, we have never seen anyone correctly use the techniques without getting feedback. Therefore, we cannot risk our reputation by allowing members to engage in the program with only the videos. Furthermore, our pricing is designed to be broadly affordable even with the support we provide, especially relative to the typical price of conventional tutoring or direct coaching.

Note that personalised coaching with Dr Justin Sung normally starts at $1000 per week with a 2 to 10-month waitlist.

For those who believe that watching videos without feedback or support will be sufficient, it is possible that you may be massively underestimating the complexity of the techniques. Please bear in mind that a large proportion of our students are top 1% academic achievers, including those with higher-level degrees, PhDs and professorial positions. Even in these instances, we have never had a successful case without guidance.

If you are adamant about working through the program without guidance or support, this program is not likely to be a good fit for you, and we would recommend that you simply use free YouTube videos instead.

We have very strict and highly evaluated methods for developing learner efficiency, supported by decades of research and years of our own experience. If you wish to engage with our program, you will need to follow our carefully designed methodology. If our methodology is not acceptable for your preferences, then we do not recommend our program.

The exact sequences and methods we use for developing higher-efficiency encoding are so specific that there is currently no documented record of this methodology in the research literature or anywhere else in the world. We are therefore in the process of publishing and documenting our process as it directly overcomes many of the limitations that are reported in educational research.

At a point where we can be confident that the video content alone is sufficient to achieve a consistently meaningful transformation in study skills, we will offer it as an option.

As this affects the experience of our members, as well as the quality and reputation of the brand, this is not negotiable.

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