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What is the 30-day Rapid Start Program?
What is the 30-day Rapid Start Program?

Our Rapid Start Program is a guided 30-day program designed to help you use the techniques and improve as efficiently as possible.

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If you're in a hurry and you want to improve your skills in the fastest possible time, the Rapid Start Program is for you.

The Rapid Start Program is designed from the evaluation of thousands of previous students of all ages and educational levels. We looked at the common reasons people fail to use the techniques incorrectly or have slower than desirable progress and created a single program to address this.

How it works

The program starts with a group mentoring session called the Catalyst session. During this session, we teach you about how the program is structured and how you should use it to extract maximum value in the shortest possible time.

We walk you through some of the common approaches to using our program that create technique failure and why some approaches that might work for other programs can be disastrous in iCanStudy.

We then look at the analysis results you will have received from a diagnostic quiz during your onboarding and create a tailored 30-day plan. This plan is personalised for your time availability and personal circumstances.

The objective is always to help you improve as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

You progress through the program following this plan and we follow up with you after 2 weeks to answer any questions you might have in another video call.

Members will also be able to post in our special Discord channel specifically for new members in the first 30 days, which is closely monitored by the team to make sure any issues are addressed as early as possible.

How to join

The Rapid Start Program is free for all of our members and by default, you will be included when you enrol.

If you do not wish to participate, you are able to opt out of the program, although this is strongly against our advice as the rate of technique failure increases multiple folds.

Who is this suited for?

The Rapid Start Program is recommended for all new members across the board. Because we have noticed that students NOT completing the Rapid Start Program are massively more likely to use the techniques incorrectly or waste more time, we virtually never recommend someone not to join.

It is free and effective.

Do I have to do the Rapid Start Program? Can I skip it?

If you would like to skip the program, you have to option to opt out of this while progressing through the program. However, this would be against our strong recommendations.

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