To put it simply, a lifetime pricing model does not work for something like this.

In our experience, developing learning, self-management and time management skills is something that requires ongoing support, guidance and mentorship. If all we needed was a series of online videos, a lifetime pricing model would work fine.

The iCanStudy membership includes the following supports on top of the video modules and lessons:

  1. Rapid turn-around Q&A for every lesson in the course

  2. Dedicated customer support

  3. Unlimited access to highly trained mentors for you to ask questions to

  4. Individualised feedback on your work by expert coaches

  5. A moderated online community server

  6. Regular expert group coaching sessions via live clinics

As these all incur a regular and ongoing cost, it is not financially viable for us to provide this level of support (which we view as critical for consistently successful outcomes) with a one-time payment model.

An interesting note is that many other courses for study skills offer none of these additional supports, yet still charge a subscription, even though they only need to cover their marketing and server costs.

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