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How payments work and foreign currency support.

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When you make a payment, you will pay with whatever currency is displayed on the landing page and checkout page.

Whether your home currency is USD, AUD, Yen, Rupees, Pounds, Euros or any other currency, you can still sign up.

When you're checking out, you can choose to pay in different currencies. We are currently accepting: AUD, USD, Great British Pounds and Euros. Currency exchange rates are calculated automatically and the current exchange rate will be updated hourly.

The exchange rate you are given at checkout will be the same exchange rate for the remainder of your subscription until cancelled. For example, if you purchased a 4-month subscription at $209 AUD. This could be €132.31 at the time of purchase. In 4 months time when the subscription renews, $209 AUD could now equal €155. However, you would be charged €132.31 as this was the initial exchange rate accepted at the point of purchase.

Payments are deducted and processed immediately at the point of purchase. Please carefully review the checkout pricing to avoid any mistakes.

Some banks (especially in India) may prevent your payment from going through due to country-specific authorisation limitations. This is not something we can resolve for you, and you will need to contact your bank or card provider to authorise the transaction.

Some Indian banks do not allow cards to make overseas purchases as they do not support 3D-Secure checking. If this is the case, you will need to use an alternative form of payment.

We do not provide discounts for unfavourable exchange rates.

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